The Millennial
Prison Reform


Go to 1. Stop Over-Criminalization

1. Stop Over-Criminalization

We seek to treat drug addiction as a medical issue, expand mental health services, and reform juvenile sentencing. Learn more.

Go to 2. End Over-Sentencing

2. End Over-Sentencing

We seek to abolish mandatory minimums, expand geriatric release, and abolish the death penalty. Learn more.

Go to 3. Respect Prisoner Dignity

3. Respect Prisoner Dignity

We seek to limit solitary confinement, improve prison healthcare, ensure safe prison conditions, and regulate private prisons. Learn more.

Go to 4. Promote Rehabilitation

4. Promote Rehabilitation

We seek to broaden educational opportunities, allow prisoners to earn income, and promote evidence-based programming. Learn more.

Go to 5. Take Reentry Seriously

5. Take Reentry Seriously

We seek to re-enfranchise current and former inmates and broaden employment opportunities for returning citizens. Learn more.

The Student Alliance for Prison Reform is launching the first ever prison reform agenda developed to express Millennial values and publicized with Millennial voters in mind.

SAPR SAPR is a nonprofit organization that works to mobilize university students to work in prison education and reform. Our network of students and student organizations catalyze initiatives to bring about change in the US criminal justice system. With over 26 chapters and affiliates at universities around the country, from Harvard to Colorado College, we organize advocacy and awareness campaigns around national prison reform issues, including juvenile justice and solitary confinement. Our chapters are individually governed and work in service, education, and advocacy around the nation to further prison education, raise awareness on campuses, and influence policy.

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